Asbestos Bulk Sampling & ID

Asbestos is still found in a wide number of materials from obvious sources such as ceiling and roof panels and pipe lagging to bitumen products used on floors, artex ceiling coatings and even toilet cisterns.

The laboratory in Chelmsford, Essex, is on hand to provide testing and advice. The laboratory will test suspect items of asbestos and provide a next day response. Emergency samples are tested within a few hours.

Bulk samples can be taken by the laboratories’ technical staff or delivered by courier. All tests are undertaken in a controlled way and items are tested to identify what type of asbestos is present, if any at all. If asbestos is identified Cavendish Laboratories will recommend a reputable licenced removal contractor who will give advice on remedial action and removal.

There are three commonly found asbestos types. They are Chrysotile, Amosite and Crocidolite. Asbestos products have a varying degree of hazard associated with them, which is determined by the type of material and the asbestos content.

Using the asbestos bulk identification service it is possible to identify the type of fibres in the sample. Once the type of asbestos has been established a specific course of action can be recommended to the customer.