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Asbestos Air Testing

Cavendish Labs

Due to the severe heath risks associated with asbestos, it is vital that its removal from an existing construction site or building is carried out in line with stringent regulations.

Be it working alongside local authorities or directly for the asbestos removal companies, Cavendish Laboratories are on-site to ensure a professional service is carried out at all times.

Background, Reassurance, Personal and Clearance air tests are carried out along with enclosure integrity testing and testing of decontamination units.

Detailed visual examinations are also completed to identify any issues that remain on-site. Customers are supported by an analyst from the start of the job right through to the end, when the enclosure is taken down. This makes it possible to guarantee complete and safe removal of all asbestos. Clearance tests are completed to ensure no airborne fibres remain and guarantee safe reoccupation of the work area.

Cavendish Laboratories, microbiological testing, water testing, asbestos testing in Chelmsford, Essex, UK.

From property developers and contractors to local authorities, hospitals and schools, the laboratory has a diverse range of clients.

Providing sample testing, analysis and advice and site management, extensive experience in field and laboratory work makes it easy to boast excellence in a variety of environmental projects.